Pentatonic Bass Runs

Recently I’ve had a few requests for lessons on bass runs. So here’s a few simple examples to get you started

Lesson material available here:

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  1. Great player ! Very good teacher too ! thanks Mark ..

  2. Great Lesson Mark!! Glad I found it!! Thanks.

  3. 🙁 my fingers aren't that fast…

  4. Hi Mark! Love your videos but having trouble hearing your bass. Anyway to mic your amp or direct feed the signal? Hard to hear your playing. Especially low notes and when your talking and/ or counting during play. Thank you for the lessons!

  5. no its a sharp 4th if you are ascending, if you are descending its a flated 5th. Same note but it is written differently in music depending on if its a descending or ascending pattern.

  6. How do you play your video intro

  7. Mark, Mark, Mark, would you consider doing gospel one song, southern gospel?

  8. Nice four string Nice runs too

  9. Thanks Mark. A true gent. Selfless, generous, enthusiastic and to top it all off a great do it it in chunks teacher. You don't do a whole lot of waffle either, straight to the point. Your an inspiration.

  10. you go way to fast man

  11. U remind me of my old teacher I learn't everything off him from A to Z but haven't played for about 10yrs. just bought new Ibanez SR300 & i'll be teachinfg my-self again but just want to refresh my-self enough to play a few songs again & run the neck like I use to so to make playing easy for me haven't quiet worked out how to download ur work yet give me time LOL ! But in the time I'll be following u to learn most things again !

  12. awesome

  13. i thnk this bass is sr800…is that corrct?

  14. Great instruction! A very useful lesson with not a 'wasted' breath! Thank you.

  15. Okay!

  16. Entertainment and series

    Hablas mucho nojoda

  17. You are the teacher who i ever seen, thank you so much. I want to learn bass guitar,so how can I learn? Pls can you help?

  18. What the hell is B3?

  19. Richard Burchett

    NIce job, nice bass, and it's wonderful to see somebody emphasize the importance of right hand technique. It's so important to alternate fingers even when it feels unnatrual at first in order to get speed. You see so many bass players that just do like they feel on the right hand but it's a hinderance to reaching really great speed and articulation.

  20. Eliasar Manalaysay

    i love ur bass guitar, specs pls 😉

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