"People Are Strange" Guitar Lesson with Robby Krieger

Welcome to our third installment of #LearnToPlayTheDoors with Robby Krieger. Grab your guitar and let’s get strange, people.
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  1. Dani Manrique M.

    Oh man! this is freaking awesome!

  2. You guys shaped the centre of the turning world. Thanks for reminding us we have souls. Especially you.
    I got into your creative journey in the 90s. You shaped my heart and my children's Harts . Beautiful

  3. I appreciate your lessons sooooo Much!! How lucky we are:)!!!

  4. Michael Garcia


  5. I love the doors ♥️ from Dubai

  6. Sergio Caminha

    your the best robby!

  7. William Drijver

    What a beautiful pure sound from that guitar! Magician at work!

  8. weird how this virus made everyone real

  9. Domenico Doria

    Robbie you are a living legend, greetings from Italy!!!

  10. Creamos Identidades

    Que sadico ver esto

  11. how cool is this

  12. Really really thank you very much you are wonderful Incredible amazing ., Thank you

  13. Is he as good as Mark knopfler?

  14. Simply GREAT!

  15. This guy is tripping! Who he thinks he is..Bobbie Krieger?

  16. Gracias capo idolos los escucho desde muy nene el unico loco jajaja larga vida the doors .tengo mi bandita con mis hijos y hacemos cover the doors medio para el orto pero salen igual los temas .nuestra bandita familiar se llama forfai_rock .jajaja

  17. Love it

  18. A Guitar lesson from Robby Krieger doesnt get much better. love from the U.K

  19. Nathaniel Higgs

    Wow! Thank you, what an honor:)

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