Perfect Day – Lou Reed – Acoustic Guitar Lesson

An acoustic guitar lesson of my interpretation of the classic Lou Reed song – Perfect Day. Loads more free lessons can be found at Guitar Tutor Man’s official website: where you can find a song sheet for this video 🙂 Please support my video creation by clicking here 🙂
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  1. sensillamente exelente  

  2. ALEX FABIAN Mellado

    Gracias totales …. from Chile

  3. Jean-charles Vatin

    hello alan
    i like the work that you propose on this site
    keep on

  4. Ambrogio Botticelli

    grazie mille perfetto continua cosi okkk ciao

  5. bravo pour cet apprentissage    merci alan

  6. Thanks buddy 🙂

  7. Great tutorial. I love the format with the strum diagram and the tab right on the screen as you play. This is really easy learning. Thanks.

  8. WhatTH3fuckkkkkkkk

    This is very good…you have one new subscriber.
    thank you (:

  9. Thank you!!! RIP Lou

  10. Thank you Alan… very helpful

  11. You are welcome mate, cheers 🙂

  12. Thanks for your tutorials!

  13. Cheers mate, I appreciate your kind words 🙂

  14. Thank you man, you really helped me. Your music taste is excellent, by the way

  15. You are welcome 🙂

  16. Perfect thx

  17. You are welcome, glad it helped 🙂

  18. you my friend are my saviour. i've been trying to figure this one out for weeks. thank you so much!!!!

  19. Thanks 🙂

  20. nice !

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