Perfect Love : Electric Guitar Lesson (Hillsong United)

This video shows how to play some of the parts from Hillsong United’s “Perfect Love” from the album “In A Valley By The Sea”. Each riff is played up to speed, and at half tempo for you to see what’s going on. Plus a tab for each riff is included in the video.

Riff 1 is the intro. Riff 2 is the first pre-chorus, however I did change a couple of the notes, as I never could hear exactly how it was being played, and this felt better under my fingers. Riff 3 is the second pre-chorus.

For Riff 4 we have the second chorus. Riff 5 is the solo, and I apologize for butchering it! Those unison bends are hard for me to get in pitch. Finally, Riff 6 is the tag.

As always, please leave requests for songs for me to cover in the future in the comments section. Or drop me a PM. Thanks!
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  1. is this standard tuning?

  2. I think youre quite a great guitarist..

  3. I am digging the tone!

  4. yes ! thank you so much ! especially for the tab. i thought it would be so hard for beginners like me.

  5. Great tutorial!!! Could u please please please do a tutorial of salvation is here???

  6. how do you make those tabs?

  7. thanks dude for this one.. we're gonna play this song on this Sunday's Worship Service..our song leader line-up this one.. and apparently i'm too busy with work ,,, so i do not have lot of time studying this one… big help dude… God bless you!!! Glory to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ..

  8. who are you and where have you been? great video and great production and just great!
    i would like to add some of your elements to my vids.
    how about a video on how to get your Worship Leader to pick songs like these?

  9. So many amazing songs and awesome parts to rock fourth 🙂 

  10. i love the video bro thank you so muchhhhh!

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