Perfect One Direction Guitar Lesson. Fingerstyle Chord Melody Easy Chords

Hey Guys, thank you very much for watching this video. Check out my first book for acoustic guitar called Acoustic Steps. Improve your fingerstyle technique! Info about the book here:

Perfect One Direction info guitar lesson here


  1. tabs please

  2. mohammad yousuf

    motherfucker u r playing one and give lesson another one..motherfucker not given clearly

  3. Can I request a tutorial for the song wipe your eyes by maroon 5

  4. You didn't teach it right but it was helpful. And we need TABS please !!!!

  5. henrik klavestad

    can i please see the tabs, Marco:) great lesson!

  6. EmzzDroid Lollipop

    can u arrange the tabs
    it would be great

  7. Gerald Laxamana

    awesome bro !
    NIce One

  8. Robby Kresna Maulana

    thanks bro it's nice ! good job

  9. Awesome! Thanks :)

  10. I love this tutorial thank you so much. Keep up the good work :))

  11. how can I download this video. u r just awsm. I need to download this video. where can we download this.

  12. NukeCityGaming

    OMG this is such a accurate version thank you so much!

  13. Pé Dưa Iu Gờ

    you are handsome :3

  14. plz do, Shawn Mendes and ed sheeran! plz oh plz.ur tutorials are so helpfull.I'm getting better bcuz of u.

    ed sheeran-tenerife sea
    shawn mendes- a little too much
    shawn mendes- this is what it takes
    shawn mendes-act like u love me

    thank u so much

  15. this is so cool thanks!

  16. Muhammad Irsyad Saleh

    Please teach us love yourself by justin bieber! :D

  17. Awesome walkthrough

  18. athaya firdausi

    this is amazing thank u so much

  19. superb sir.. :*

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