Peter Gabriel – Solsbury Hill – Guitar Lesson – How to Play on Acoustic – Guitar Songs

Please watch: “Beginner Acoustic guitar lesson “Tom Petty I won’t back down” How to” –~–
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  1. You're the best thanks!

  2. Make it look so easy. Class.

  3. I really wanna learn this on the baritone uke but cant find any tabs or tutorials on it. Do u have any tips at all please

  4. Any song I want to know takes me to guitarjamz

  5. This is completely wrong. That's why it sounds like shit.

  6. nope. capo on 2 and start with an E major shape. i mean come on this is just not correct

  7. Martti Suomivuori

    it is pretty bu not true

  8. You might get this all the time but I would like to know if I send you a copy of a song I have written… Could I get your advise? I am not that good but they say everyone has one song in them and just look at "mambo #5" he is living well off of one song. Might be a bad or good example depending on your view. You have my email address.

  9. Marty, I just want to thank you for making possible my dream of playing this and so many other classic songs. I really appreciate what you do

  10. not right….

  11. always wanted to learn this tune thanks marty!!!

  12. you missed a part. the "believe the information" part…

  13. It is so awesome listening to a song, trying to play it on guitar and hearing it sound similar. Great tutorial.

  14. noice, thanks marty.

  15. Simple is not always best Or RIGHT||!!! shaking head marty marty

  16. cut off A LOT of hassle learning this. Thanks!

  17. Daniel Chappelle

    thank you for making it simple it is one of those songs that you can over complicate and you cut right to the good stuff and fun way to handle it – peace to you and all the best

  18. Marty you are the best.

  19. awesome……………….best tutorial on this song.   Thankyou it's correct and you teach very well.

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