Peter Green Guitar Lesson – Electric Blues Guitar Lesson – EP044

Visit to download the tablature, jam tracks, and bonus video for this lesson. Just look for EP044.

In this blues guitar lesson I’ll show you how to play a Peter Green style driving electric blues in the key of A. I’m using a Fulltone OCD pedal for overdrive on this one.

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  1. Peter Green! Really?
    I don't think so

  2. Have you even heard Peter Green play?

  3. That third solo played slow reminds me of the guitar intro to Natalie Merchant's Wonder. All the solos are cool. I will have to learn how to play them. Thanks for sharing.


  5. Excellent lesson as always!  Something so "easy" looking on the surface from a listener takes a whole other dimension when one tries to play it.  slow and accurate is best approach…many thanks.

  6. Thanks for the lesson. I'm a member and downloaded the backing track and played it for a hour. Sounds great.

  7. You talk too much.

  8. I thoroughly enjoyed your lessons. Also, you look like Frank Lampard, the English soccer star. You are two stars in one:)

  9. Very useful thanks,purists note: only Peter Green can play like Peter Green because he is that man, you cant expect anyone else to sound the same especially with a different  gear setup.We dont want to be excatly the same do we? imagine a million Peter Green sound alikes, boring.

  10. Great to see you rockin Brian. Love this lesson.

  11. To everyone who doesn't think this sounds like Green should listen to the Rattlesnake Shake by Fleetwood Mac live in Boston 1970 and Searching for Madge from the Then Play On Album

  12. I cann't get the tabs for any of these ?

  13. Didn't hear a single peter green lick.. Sounds more like zz top

  14. according to me this is greenbaum's song "spirit in the sky"

  15. I'm usually a big fan of your videos, and this is a good lesson, but a Peter Green lesson it's not.

  16. Thanks man! That was a good tutorial – learned a whole lot
    from it 

  17. Great riff, fab tone, crisp, clean precise playing.  Great lesson.  Thank you!  The excellent fills and licks are a real bonus.   I am inspired to try this style.

  18. I like your lessons, thanks.

  19. Thanks for the lesson, jamming is where the fun is. Hard to find jamming concepts based around an artist(more like this would b awesome). Have you done Muddy Waters lessons like mannish boy yet? Check out Tab Benoit if you haven't already( no one does lessons on him and he is great).

  20. Gerald Dixon Cummings

    Sounded like Ted Nugentish to me.

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