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  1. More phish!!!!!

  2. Just saw these guys for the first time on their summer tour. I'm a fan for life now. Thanks for the lesson Marty!

  3. please show tweezer reprise — ill start jumping.

  4. Julius lesson soon?

  5. More Phish please!!

  6. Can you do a lesson on waste by Phish acoustic

  7. Excellent Marty, more Phish please!


  9. Can you do more phish? like maybe backwards down the number line or back on the train

  10. Hey Marty, if you could put time links in your description so we can jump to the specific section of the song we're working on it would be awesome.

  11. Carlson Moncrief

    BON JOVI!!!!!

  12. motherspitchfork

    The last note should be played with your pinky on the E string at the 8th fret rather than the A string at the 3rd fret. This eliminates moving your hand so you don't have to keep looking at the fret board and builds that pinky strength!

  13. I love you for teaching this Marty!

  14. Birds of a Feather, Split Open and Melt, more Phish!

  15. More phish please!!!

  16. GratefulDeadHead023

    Birds of a feather, the lizards, limb by limb, and the lizards. Those songs to

  17. GratefulDeadHead023

    Ive seen phish in georgia, north carolina, wisconsin, and ohio. Ive been a phan for years (im 15) please do a down with disease, free, or wading in the velvet sea tutorial. It would be much appreciated

  18. Can you teach Warren Zevon's "lawyers guns and money?"
    Also, there's a Russian song "Peremen" by Kino which I want to learn.

  19. Negative ghost rider. It's Tweezer. Tweezer is in A. 

  20. yeah, i think he is a part of it, he also has another channel called guitarjamzdotcom

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