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This week on the channel Neal shows you the infamous pick scrape, one of the most recognized sounds in rock n roll guitar. Although a simple technique, Neal’s got his own observations on how to make it really rock. Tip of the week is how to make background string noise add excitement to your playing.

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  1. Does it work with thicker picks

  2. I'm Pick Harrison, and THIS is how I pick scrape

  3. Frank Fitzpatrick

    If I turn all my amp settings up to 14 & 1/2 , will the pick scrape sound better ?

  4. Any Boston song has like 3.

  5. i love being untalented and not being able to do this

  6. My fav?? Crazy train

  7. Alifiandy Naufal Rafii

    Hello, I'm totally beginner at this, I have a question, did you do a chord with your left hand while scraping??? thx in advance

  8. i have an ordinary amp with gain/overdrive but it doesnt make sounds like that? am i misssing something. also, i saw a lot of people slide their fingers across the frets and it makes a lot of noise and that too doesnt happen. help?

  9. Do you need a certain amp for this??????

  10. this messes up my pick, how do I not do so?

  11. How do you do the Black Dog scratch intro?

  12. will this fuck up the coating on my strings?

  13. Facundo Brizula Flesca

    which guitar is that?

  14. :D! You are a funny guy!
    Thank you for this lesson!

  15. that shit make up shit my strings and picks

  16. Watch A bullet to the head of trepidation by trivium at 5:14 is the best pick scrape I've ever heard 😀

  17. @killacam5O4
    This fire – killswitch engage?

  18. how do you get that metal sound on a guitar ? 

  19. I mean you are awesome

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