Picking Hand Positioning For Fast Playing Styles – Intermediate Guitar Lesson

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This lesson covers the basic of how to plant your picking hand in order to develop a faster picking technique. Everybody will approach picking slightly differently but I think you will find the info covered in the lesson will make for a good foundation.

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Lesson Taught By: Carl Brown
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  1. ive been playing hand style perfectly well, even able to play things like highway star and comm. breakdown but i thought it was about time to learn with a pick

  2. Matheus Biscaro Antunes dos Santos

    Hey Carl, not sure if you're ever going to see this, but as a "self-taught" player things can get a little confusing. I've been told that one isn't supposed to rest/anchor the picking hand on the bridge, 'cause it's detrimental and could handicap your playing as it creates unwanted tension, and should keep the hand floating over the strings, only resting hand to mute the unwanted strings from ringing out. But honestly, I've tried the method you presented in this video, and I feel I have a lot more control, speed and precision in my picking with the hand placed on the bridge, and it is easier to play tension free, as shown in the video, personally. My question is, why some people say it's a bad habit, and could it possibly have negative effects on one's playing?

  3. Great lesson, thanks. Not many videos address this.

  4. I keep getting the pick stuck on the strings any tips?

  5. good advice here!!!!!

  6. Can anyone help me?, I was practicing 260 bpm with eighth notes and I held my pick kinda tight and now my index finger her pains

  7. when i anchor my hand on my floyd rose i here it changing the tone. im moving the tremolo. any suggestions?

  8. This felt of kind of a eureka moment. I've been consistenty playing for 3 months or so and I'd been struggling with the pick until now. I picked up the guitar to match what you were doing and it somehow clicked. I tried before, resting my hand on the bridge, but I didn't quite get it.

    Thanks a lot dude!

  9. Thanks Carl for this lesson

  10. fkin volume knob

  11. Libertatem Fidelium

    I rest my hand on the bridge while i pick. Is this a bad habbit?

  12. but when i anchor my pinky and plant my side hand how am i suppose to play the lower strings without tensing my wrist? it curls maybe i should move my forearm upward?
    edit: found out! you just slide your hand down the bridge

  13. I have 2 acoustic guitars on which I can plant my wrist on the bridge the way suggest and I have been doing it for quite some time. My electric is a Stratocaster and I just cannot find a position where my wrist sits comfortably. The bridge is pointy, uncomfortable AND, worst of all, my pinky always messes with the volume button. I was at the music store the other day and the guy acknowledged that it gets a lot of getting used to. I am considering moving the controls so that the middle one (neck pickup tone) is as close to the bottom one as possible and the volume control is where the neck pickup tone normally is. Another idea is to make an anchor point in formed metal sheet that would be attached by 2 of the pick guard screws. This anchor point would be 1-1.5 inch towards the neck with respect to the bridge. Any comments?

  14. Thanks again Carl, I was wondering why my pick seemed to keep getting caught on my upstrokes and now I see my pick is rounded at the end. Can't wait to get a sharper pick now. All your videos help me so much. I never thought I'd be playing some of these songs you've taught me!!! Thank you so much

  15. Look at the way Marty Friedman positions his right hand. That's an orthodox way. But, he is an unbelievably fast player

  16. Bernard Beinhauer

    Very informative. Great job 🙂

  17. Jonathan Schubert

    You and Mile High Shred are keeping me on the electric guitar thanks so much

  18. Jonathan Schubert

    Mark TremontI is also in the cult of Jazz III

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