Pick/Plectrum Bass Lesson #1 – with Scott Devine (L#60)

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A bit about me…

I’ve performed, recorded, shared taxis, vans, planes and boats with players such as, Adrian Ingram, Martin Simpson, Dennis Rollins, Gary Boyle, Neil Brocklebank, The Drifters, The Four Tops, The Nolans, Marisa Turner (Prince, Chaka Kahn), Peter Grant (top 5 jazz artist), Spyro Gyra, Ogie Alcasid, Vina Morales, The Jeff Andrews band (Mike Stern)and has performed at venues such as Ronnie Scotts, Pizza Express (London Soho), The 606 Club, The Vortex, Dubai International Jazz festival and Montreal grand prix.

I’ve also studied with an amazing host of world class musicians including Skuli Sverrisson (Allan Holdsworth), Jeff Andrews, Ralph Alessi, Ravi Coltrane, Brad Shepik and Adam Rogers. He was also lucky enough to study extensively with Gary Willis in Barcelona from 2006 to 2007.


  1. Picking is nice sometimes. Better than slapping.

  2. what is the glove for?

  3. wow. Didn't even think to realise that picking technique would be much different than fingerstyle. which makes sense seeing that i have kept having a difficult time copying the fingerstyle lessons on youtube as a pick user. Thank you so much for this video! Your lessons are the best ones i've found.

  4. wish i could play as well fingerstyle as i do with pick…time to hit the shed…

  5. inspirational as always, Scott

  6. Apologies..should have known that.feel like a fool now.

  7. Great but wearing a glove to play bass ,.,.never seen anyone doing it yet on stage,.,sorry

  8. random relaxation

    this made me fill better as a bassist for my choice to use a pick

  9. Thanks for the videos. Are there right hand muting techniques you recommend when using a plectrum?

  10. You are a boss in playing bass, I appreciate Your videos

  11. Michael Dimaya

    Sorry, Scott, I love your lessons but this one didn't do it for me. I was hoping pick lesson #1 would cover more basic stuff. As someone who learned everything in fingerstyle, I don't know the first thing about picks! What kind of pick is best for bass? How do I hold the darn thing? Should the pick be striking the string at an angle, or flat? How do I mute the strings (with fingerstyle I mute with my picking hand)? How firmly should I hold it? Is the motion in the elbow or in the wrist? etc. etc. Anyways, love your lessons!

  12. Best uk bass player

  13. If you want to get really good with a pick just play metal songs and master them with metronome. Master of puppets will help with your down stroke given time and battery will help with your gallop and so on then try some Pantera and Lamb of god ewww lamb of god yuk but the bass is all good. Learn from those bands and you will be as tight as fuck and have the endurance and speed and given time you will do it fairly relaxed…….never mind boring exercises ha ha it's all in songs.

  14. Did he just say 'GRUM DROOVE' lol

  15. The Manga Freak. Does it sound like they're in the way?

  16. The Manga Freak

    I'm new to your videos and i wonder. Isn't the gloves kind of in the way?

  17. would i lose my plucking finger technique if i start playing with pick?

  18. i dunno, i just find it easier to alternate pick all the time regardless of tempo. is that a bad thing? 

  19. Julien Verveer

    his bass makes a beautifull sound man

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