Pinch Harmonics: Squealies (Guitar Lesson TE-012) How to play

Pinch Harmonics: Squealies (Guitar Lesson TE-012) How to play

Upset all the local cats by learning how to play pinch harmonics, the high squealy sound often made by rock and metal guitar players. Extreme close ups show exactly how to angle the pick and thumb!

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  1. Most excellent lesson!  I was unable to achieve these harmonics until I watched this video.  One thing Justin emphasizes is that when your thumb touches the string to lift your thumb right after …  3:16.  I was deadening the note but I get them pretty well now.  Cheers Justin!

  2. Back when they had 1080p am I right?

  3. Thanks a lot I was doing it all wrong after I accidentally did it the way I found it. its not consistent at all lol. thanks again.

  4. Thank you Justin for breaking PH down… I've been trying to figure this out for months…. Your lessons are broken down and simplified… Thanks for what you do bro, much appreciated!!!,

  5. the realm7G project

    Fantastic. Even easy enough for bassists-who-also-sometimes-need-to-be-guitar-players like me to understand. Now, to practice the technique…

  6. gotta love rory gallaghers pinch harmonics

  7. doesn't matter if you have passive or active pickups?

  8. 3:10 Is that a lace sensor pickups?

  9. So when you make a pinch harmonic, you start as you would with a natural one with your finger on your fretting-hand lightly over the fret? Then you do the thing with your thumb?

    I've been trying to play the note (not the harmonic) and adding on the second hit with my thumb.

    Am I doing this right? Or no?
    Help me, please!

  10. This channel is extremely underrated. How you don't have a least a million subscribers amazes me. +1

  11. This is my little area of embarrassment, coz after playing for 18 years, I still can't do it! I know, I know, practise practise practise, but this really is much Achilles heel!

  12. Scemo the Emosaurus


  13. I think I got it now! Thank you!!!!

  14. Personally I have found that adding vibrato to the pinch harmonic can help if your position is a little off, you just keep adding a bit to it and you can eventually find a place that will produce that clear squealie tone you have been looking for

  15. Nosferatu approves this lesson

  16. "Just fuck my shit up"

  17. Pragyan rockstar Nath

    Dang that guy! He teaches very boringly 

  18. you have vampire fingernails

  19. Fucking HD

    (is that even possible?)

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