Pink Floyd, acoustic guitar lesson, “Welcome to the Machine”, EASY

A simple version of “Welcome to the Machine”. To see the complete song, my Year 2014 and Year 2017 covers, are below:

And I have a bunch of other “easy” lessons on my channel 🙂

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  1. You did a very easy to understand lesson. The content was  accurate and not pandering, demeaning, or vulgar in any way. As an intermediate player I like to use you tube for a tool to help learn songs. You just got a new subscriber.Thank you…more Floyd!?

  2. This was awesome. Beginner here but I think I'll be playing this smoothly soon! My fav song.


  4. Exellent lesson dude! I learnt so much from you. You have very good voice

  5. Livingroom Busker

    excellent thanks

  6. Nicholas Costas

    Great lesson. This helped tremendously. Still having a bit if trouble switching between chords. Lol.

  7. +rkaos1987 I like how you sing along that helps, best tutorial i ever saw. A great song by PF too

  8. Great sounding guitar!Thx for the lesson! As a PF fan, it was very interesting for Me!!!

    Cheers and keep on!=)

  9. Awesome Lesson!  Not only for chords but strumming explained perfectly. I now can play this and sing along as well.  

  10. dragan jovanovic

    properly explained,well done sir

  11. Jakub Wallflower

    Awesome, really easy song! Thanks so much dude! 🙂

  12. Darrin Vest-Robbins

    thanks man, I find using a video other than tabs is a lot more helpful  to learn

  13. Wow, it will take years to learn to me 😀

  14. Thank you for making this. before this I dint know the C7 chord just the normal C major. So not only did you teach me a really cool song, but you also taught me a new chord.

  15. thank you man this is fucking awesome

  16. Thank you! I have some others in my Guitar Tutorial playlist, if you're interested. Peace, Jim….

  17. Very good lesson!

  18. Thanks for the feedback, you're right about the Emadd9, I actually saw that later, after I recorded this lesson. The backwards strum Emadd9 is spot on, though I still don't use it since my downstrokes that follow don't sound right. Thanks again, yes, an easy and great song. I recently recorded a new cover, live recording, please check it out when you have some time. Peace, Jim….

  19. Check again in the first 3-4 minutes, lots of detail on the backwards strum that starts the song, and the down strokes too. But to answer your question: the main strum pattern is laid out starting at the 5:07 part of the video. Peace, Jim…..

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