Pink Floyd – Another Brick In The Wall – Guitar Lesson – How To Play

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Major Pentatonic:

Minor Pentatonic:

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Pink Floyd – Another Brick In The Wall – Guitar Lesson – How To Play Brett Papa papastache102 papastachepop papastache


  1. zombie by the cranbarries

  2. Great like it !!!

  3. Chandler Cathey

    I learned as soon as he told us the tabs, and I’ve only been playing it on the first String for some reason, but it sounds pretty good

  4. Martin Hannisdal


  5. Waiting for the world to change by John mayor is a fun one

  6. Wuddap Pap! That Position 2 sounds pretty nice and single coiley even with the humbucker. Do you have it on auto split??

  7. Hello there! I have never ever given any feed back on you tube before now but I would just like to thank you for that step by step, amazing guitar lesson I have been playing a while now but I always seemed to avoid this one lol. but thanks to your break down of the song I was amazed how quickly I picked it up! so thanks to you, I have a new string to by bow. Thank you very much for taking the time to help us fellow guitarists, with this musical masterpiece Thank you!

  8. Hi papa, seems you done such a good job on pink Floyds on the turning away…how about marooned?

  9. Echoes

  10. Stefan Vaneylen

    Its amazing that you can bend with your pinky!!!
    I need to learn that too, it opens more possibility's and speed but so hard!!!!
    thx for this lesson.

  11. Great stuff!

  12. Awesome Face 21

    Can I get a shoutout?

  13. Awesome Face 21

    Plz do money bro, it's such a good song

  14. albert fernandez

    Who the he'll is down thumbing "the Stache" ???Leave that STACHE alone !!!!!

  15. Parabéns , papastache 102 , toca muito

  16. that was great!

  17. So many people all doing this differently it seems from watching other tutorials. Quite annoying when your learning. There seem to be different versions of the chords used

  18. Dude, you really broke this down and made it easy to learn. Many thanks!!!

  19. I'm having an easier time doing the huge 2 tone and 2 1/2 tone bends on the G instead of the B string :/

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