Pink Floyd – Brain Damage Guitar Lesson (Acoustic)

Pink Floyd - Brain Damage Guitar Lesson (Acoustic)

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In this video lesson I am going to show you how to play a nice acoustic version of “Brain Damage” off of Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of The Moon album.

This version was actually a request of a subscriber that sent me a video of Roger Waters playing the song on acoustic guitar. I have taken a bit of what Roger Waters did in that video but decided that strumming the chords sounded better during the chorus.

The verse contains a repetitive finger-picking pattern that shouldn’t take you very long to get down. In fact, this picking pattern is exactly like it appears on the original album except we will be finger-picking it on acoustic guitar.

The chords used during the verse are pretty basic as well. You probably won’t have much trouble since they are most likely chord shapes you have already played a million times before.

During the chorus I switch to a strummed picking style to better recreate the bigger sound of the original recording. The chords you will be playing during the chorus are also pretty basic. You will have to play a bar chord, a Bmin7 to be exact, but other than that it will be a piece of cake.

Hope you guys enjoy learning this haunting classic from the incredible Pink Floyd!



  1. Hey Carl, that was brilliant, can you do a version of the Koran to music , obviously acoustic, gotta have some respect.
    Clearly I read the comments first.
    Peace Dude.

  2. Well done man!

  3. I was looking for the one change at the end the last verse doesn’t it do something different?

  4. Grazie bravo

  5. big thank you ! 🙂

  6. Nice job! Like the way you taught that song. Nice and clear, easy to understand. YOU LOCK THE DOOR AND THROW AWAY THE KEY, THERE'S SOMEONE IN MY HEAD BUT IT'S NOT ME…

  7. The lunatic smells like ass

  8. 9 people with brain damage

  9. This song is great

  10. Hey dudes I usually play this one with my weiner.

  11. Thanks man this help me a lot

  12. The lunatic is on the grass!

  13. Thank you so much you genius ass man

  14. Prasanjeet Sengupto

    Please Please! Lesson for Any Colour You Like

  15. Roberto Alverez

    great stuff feel guilty taking.

  16. That's pretty sweet!!! ) Good

  17. Roderick Patterson

    "Achilles last stand" by Zepp? Awesome tune. Track #1 off of 'Presence'.

  18. Lorenzo Del Gaudio

    Hey Carl, maybe you can sing 😉

  19. this is very easy song to learn thank you

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