Pink Floyd “Breathe” – David Gilmour Acoustic Guitar Lesson

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Hello friends,
and welcome to another easy song tutorial from Swift Guitar lessons. In this session I’ll be breaking down how to play David Gilmour’s acoustic rendition of the Pink Floyd classic “Breathe.” This is an excellent song for beginners to learn, as it will introduce a variety of useful chord shapes and strumming techniques. Let’s get started!

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  1. joseph humphrey

    one of my favorite songs and a great lesson…..thanks!

  2. As a Pink Floyd fan I must say , thank you☺☺☺

  3. Really good!

  4. Look, play and sing like David Gilmour, and teach even better than he! 🙂

  5. Thank you for this lesson , very good vocals too, very nice…

  6. ok….. now what?

  7. How does one teach when they aren't even playing the song correctly? One of the many issues is, it's not Em, it's Emadd9.

  8. You used CM7 yet, so my suggest is Em9/7.

  9. Good job friend! To colaborate I suggest you to use Em9/7 instead Em, and C7M instead C. Al the best to you!

  10. What mic were you using?

  11. Not to be picky but the 1st chord is Em9 with an up stoke of the strings..

  12. can you do LESSONS by rush ?

  13. Daniel Marques

    This reminds me of Time

  14. שגיא גבע

    great for us, more pink floyd!!!

  15. Great, thanks

  16. Didier Laplace

    Wow , great singing really fantastic and also guitar playing and teaching is great, thx a lot , regards

  17. Steve Rudebusch

    I wonder if you will follow it into "time"

  18. Steve Rudebusch


  19. Erik Lundstrum

    Is there something i can sub for the D7#9? My fingers are unable to make that chord, my pinky cannot move side to side while I'm pushing with my ring finger.

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