Pink Floyd Breathe Guitar Lesson JustinGuitar Acoustic Tutorial

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In this lesson we dive into a more mellow version of Breathe by Pink Floyd. This is a great track for developing some more accented strumming patterns. We’ll start simple and develop through the video.
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  1. You are the master teacher of all. Thank you!

  2. Jim.Missy Wyant.Kennedy

    So good. Thanks for this Justin.

  3. Nice one Justin… I'd love to see you do 'Shine on' or 'Dogs'… there's enough 'Comfortably numb' lessons out there…

  4. I was thinking, this song sounds really familiar to Pink Floyds 'Welcome to the Machine' on some of these chords! And I can't figure out the little A chord's hammer on pull off pick/strum thing you're doing. I'm terrible at stabbing individual notes while strumming.

  5. Justin, Please would you do a video on BIAS FX 2

  6. If you're smokin at that campfire. Matter of fact, you don't even need the camp fire…

  7. @11:53 "It doesn’t have to be the movement. It’s about how you’re feeling the time, as much as what you playing."
    That's amazing to hear man! keep on posting. much appreciated.

  8. Another great offering from you. Thanks Justin.

  9. great

  10. Thank you.

  11. Could you do a lesson on I want you (she’s so heavy) or yer blues pleaseeeee

  12. Fab fab the opening upward strum is so evocative of that song. More Floyd please!!!!!

  13. Dude, that was gorgeous.

  14. that froggy sounds amazing. great lesson as always, justin.

  15. Great lesson, Justin. I wouldn't have always said so, but after five years of practicing I totally "get" how you're performing the song and exactly what you're showing us. I really appreciate the balanced mix of art and technique in your instruction, too. Over the five years I've been watching guitar instructionals I think your teaching has improved as you seem less rigid and more open to accommodation, just easier to "get along" with. Thanks, Justin!

  16. Thanks Justin, cheers mate

  17. What's the amp and Mike sound Justin. Your guitar is awesome but there is surely something more.

  18. ur still the best teacher ever

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