Pink Floyd – Breathe (In The Air) Guitar Lesson – How to Play on Acoustic Guitar

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hey guys Marty here from “MartyMusic” hoping you’re having a great day! Here’s a new Pink Floyd acoustic lesson for “Breathe” and the main section is super easy with the other section having a few twists in the chord progression!

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  2. Antonio Barrera

    You should tech fall out boy

  3. Marty you've done it again! words cannot express how grateful I am to have you. I just took the guitar almost a year a half ago and thanks to you 'ive been able to play my favorite tunes which I thought they were impossible and chords that made me even wonder if the shape of my fingers were wrong! haha. You are a true master my friend.

  4. Marty, can you do a guitar lesson for Two Suns In The Sunset by Pink Floyd?

  5. Brit-tini Pavlicek

    You should do a lesson on I Can’t Breathe by Parker McCollum!! That would be so amazing!

  6. Keagan Hamilton

    I was waiting for this.

    Thanks Marty!

  7. Can you make a video of my sweet lord by George Harrison. Don’t think you have it on this channel

  8. Dear Rosemary – Foo Fighters

  9. Another great track from Dark Side of the Moon. Love the slide guitar on the original record as well. 🙂

  10. I'd like to see some Slayer for the next one! Maybe Dead Skin mask or Raining blood?

  11. Wendell D'Costa

    Marty can you please do a lesson for the day that never comes by Metallica.

  12. TheGreatSploogeOf_1998

    Martyyyy! My man coming at me with my favorite Pink Floyd track! My lord, bless you, sir!

  13. Cody Crutchfield

    Could you do a lesson on one of John Mayers songs

  14. am I the only one who started singing the lyrics to this song? haha

  15. Keep the floyd coming! Do shine on you crazy diamond please

  16. Now that's a great song choice dude!

  17. could you do another money for nothing video? it was on guitar jamz but im sure you could make it even better.

  18. Can you do the solo tutorial of welcome to the jungle? Great video

  19. Michael Panella

    Can u do a train kepta Rollin tutorial, not the rythm part just the soloing over it

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