Pink Floyd – Comfortably Numb Guitar Lesson Pt.1 – All Rhythm Guitar Parts

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In this note-for-note video series we are going to tackle Pink Floyd’s classic “Comfortably Numb”.
This haunting tune has two of David Gilmour’s most well known solo’s in it. You can study these solo’s as the blueprint for creating a gorgeous and melodic solo using pentatonic based playing.

Most of the rhythm guitar work in this tutorial is just showing you the chord progressions that the orchestra is playing since there is very little guitar played during the non-solo sections of the tune except for some scant acoustic guitar here and there and the power chord rhythm under the outro solo.

This video guitar lesson series consists of 5 videos total, the performance video and 4 note-for-note video lessons covering all the rhythm guitar parts, main solo and outro solo respectively. Good luck!! 😀

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Lesson Taught by: Carl Brown
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  1. Great teacher, great lessons! You do more playing and less talking. Great job!

  2. Hussain AL MADHYI


  3. good job bro

  4. Just notes for me but I thought why not share it

    0:15 Verse
    4:40 Pre-Chorus
    6:55 Chorus
    9:40 1st solo – basically pre chorus
    Twice the verse
    pre chorus
    10:05 Outro solo

  5. Guruprasad Rokade

    4:43 true 😉

  6. hey could you please continue with the carlbrowncovers channel? i used like 5 videos from that channel to practice but you stop uploading now i can't find anyone playing the songs i like on youtube! plz man i would appreciate if you revive that channel once again!

  7. Christopher McGuire

    Hey Carl. I'm a big fan of your lesson's. Any chance of doing On the Turning away by Pink Floyd?

  8. The song to witness 300k on amplifi. Gratz Carl!

  9. what effects are used for the solos and verses

  10. You deserve more likes than Marty and Justin for not just this lesson but most others as well.

  11. Giovanna di stefano

    Many tanks for you guitar lesson, nice and clear, with compliments…all the best for you!!!

  12. Your so awesome great teacher so glad to have found you

  13. Rafael Casagrande

    Hey man! Nice sound! I'd be glad if you send me some GT-10 pink floyd patches!

  14. william mcmonagle

    he sounds like Joe Bonamassa…could it be?

  15. love how some of ya'll are talkin shit but i don't see ya'll puttin up lesson videos. so like.. whatever

  16. to start with you probably wanna go for 2-finger power chords starting with B5 (forefinger tip on E-string 7th fret, ring finger flat on A- and D-string 9th fret, other strings below muted by the rest of your forefinger) playing B5 A5 G5 F#5 E5, it's very easy, only one chord hand position, slide B5 up the neck 2-2-1-2 frets, all 5 chords done. also veeery nice to play with heavy distortion

  17. eu tenho apenas 13 anos e vou aprender essa música , parabéns Lesson

  18. Wonderful lessons!!!! Do you have HD500 patches you can provide? Thanks sooo much!!

  19. Soheil SHAH HOSSEINI

    Thanks, that was great, could you plz if you have a link for the tablature that you used, put it here that we could use it,

  20. Awesome lessons. Do you take requests? If so, I'd love two other Floyd songs: Time and Another Brick in the Wall Pt2.

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