Pink Floyd Money Bass Lesson + Tutorial

It’s bass lesson time! We’re going over how to play the riffs in the song Money by Pink Floyd. Grab your bass guitars and let’s get to playing!

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  1. Hey Marty! Keep them coming! Maybe some other iconic classic rock bass riffs? 🙂

  2. Can you please do one on American River by Destroy Boys

  3. You got the bass stank face down!

  4. his face at the start lmaaoo

  5. FUCK YEAH MAN :DDDD it took me a while because I'm a complete beginner but I finally fucking learnt the entire song on bass and I'm so damn proud of myself.

  6. Love your guitar videos. But this is shockingly too fast to learn from and not detailed enough

  7. as Always… Marty is Da Man!! Thanx Bro!

  8. Battle Creek Knives

    Sound like a guitar player playing bass… stick with guitar bro

  9. So cool!

  10. The less I know the better by tame impala

  11. Can you make a lesson on high hopes pink floyd please marty thankyou?

  12. classic bass line ! !

  13. Rage Against Machine Killing In The Name Of

  14. Do more bass

  15. Awesome video man. How about
    Pink Floyd – Pigs for the next video?

  16. Please do animal i have become by tdg

  17. Hi Marty are you using any pedals here or just plugged into an amp? Thanks

  18. RHCP Can’t stop slap lesson plz

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