Pink Floyd – Wish You Were Here – Easy Acoustic Guitar Lesson

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Pink Floyd – Wish You Were Here – Easy Acoustic Guitar Lesson ST-301


  1. thanks Marty. what Russel56443 said. John2.

  2. Nice

  3. I see powertuber1000 is giving poor Marty a hard time ! Even if your right , your wrong …. Pickin on Marty Shwartz , the best guy ever. What would your mother think?

  4. Thank you Marty … For all you do . Best teacher ever.

  5. All your tutorials are awesome ! Waiting for more this year !

  6. One of my favorites Marty! Thanks!

  7. Thanks Marty,This has been a GREAT video for me,some of the other guys videos they went to fast for me when I was just learning but after your video I'm able to play now, I just needed a Guy who took time teaching for me to get the right frets Ect…
    Now I can play one of my all time favorite songs :0)

  8. jonathan mccroskey

    Just started learning the guitar and your videos really help make it fun as well, I know all the basic cords a guitar em, C, E, D, dm, etc.. but I am looking to really play  on a level like you. I learned the E pen scale from your video on here, what would be the best way of learning the guitar? All the beginners courses on here goes through things I already know, so what the next step and can't hire a music teacher due to work always traveling so any advice?

  9. Marty Schwartz, little do you know you literally taught me how to play guitar. I've been watching your videos for years now and you have helped me through days were my playing sounded like pure noise, to the days where I rock out to Metallica. So I wanted to thank you. The only reason I can play music today is because of you.

  10. Thanks for this!! Tau kē!!

  11. No need to look anywhere else, Marty is the man!!! He won't steer you wrong & is the best out there for guitar lessons online. I haven't even downloaded any of his stuff yet which I'm sure is phenomenal, but just from his videos alone, seriously don't look anywhere else.

  12. Powertuber1000

    Good lesson but you left out the first two notes. The first note Gilmour hits is the open G string and then hammers-on the second fret and slides to the forth fret (fast, all in one move).

  13. Alberto Tzikas-Dellios

    ty bro 2016

  14. Can you do a lesson on Cortez the killer….Warren Haynes version….Thanks for the great lesson

  15. Carolin Cyzykowski

    I got confused on the last phase can someone please help me :((

  16. srinath mukherjee

    thanx mate

  17. john strathearn

    dude your lessons are some of the best i have easy for a beginner like myself.u rock

  18. Muito bom

  19. christiandoritos

    My first solo!! Thanks dude!

  20. hey marty can we get some good bye blue sky?

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