Pipeline by The Ventures – YourGuitarSage Guitar Lesson

Great song by The Ventures called Pipeline. In this video guitar lesson you will quickly learn how to play Pipeline by The Ventures. Visit http://www.yourguitarsage.com to receive our free start-up guitar ebook and more.

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  1. one thing about this lesson for sure…. it SUCKS!!!!

  2. Nitori ShogiPlayer

    Is there a name for that beginning part where you move down the notes that's very common in surf music?

  3. This is the Chantays

  4. I don't have a guitar…yet, but I am trying to learn how to play what little of this that I can on the violin. I've seen it done, but can't find the video anymore.

  5. Johnny Thunders version is the best

  6. Глеб Джерих

    "Pipeline" is an instrumental surf rock song by The Chantays, which was recorded in July 1962.

  7. The hit was by the Chantays. That is the classic. The Ventures covered all surf hits on principle, but their version not as good.

  8. Does that Tele have a B-Bender?

  9. Very good indeed.

  10. Andrea, can I ask what thickness pick your using?

  11. Cheers Eric, i've been learning songs and bits and piece's over the last 4 years since i started and never really getting it, then i saw this and it's the music i like so i tried it, wow, yep i think aiming for songs i know and like is much easier to learn, oh i'm using a Tele and a TVP15 amp, thanks

  12. An almost worthless tutorial

  13. Eric…what year is your guitar? I have a Tele that looks similar to yours with the exception of the pick guard and yours has a 3rd p/u between the tail and neck ones.
    .. Mine is plain white, yours looks marberlized…. it's a '71 model. What is that round thing behind the tail piece on yours?

  14. I hate the way you pitch your wares all the way through this. really distracting. the third part was crap as you never said where you were putting your fingers. Jus made me mad as hell

  15. Is that a Nashville Telecaster you're playing ? If so, does it have the 12 inch radius ? And if so, what do you think about it , compared to the standard 9.5 inch radius….. okay too many questions !

  16. I loved that tune and loved it when it first came out by the Chantays 1963. But the Ventures are magnificent. I have listened to them since the early 60s….Thanks.

  17. good ""^^♡♡♡

  18. Thank you for a great lesson respect.

  19. Hello, hey man cool,   only thing is you talk too much ! Just go ahead and play it thru first, then you can explain   later……..just saying

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