Pirates of the Caribbean – Easy Guitar melody tutorial + TAB Guitar lesson

He’s a Pirate – learn how to play on guitar.
“He’s a Pirate” is a track composed by Klaus Badelt for the Disney movie “Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl” in 2003.


  1. yes boy!

  2. Are there guitar tabs PDF? Please

  3. Honestly, not clear enough, was hoping to learn it.

  4. I can't see anything….Like, I can't see where to put your fingers.

  5. should play little faster but niice

  6. super goede video
    great big video

  7. Где же птичка-синичка?))

  8. Joseph-Denis Noël

    BIZZZ… BIZZZZZZZ annoying sound !

  9. Do you have a link for the tab?

  10. thanks helped me

  11. helped me a lot soo easy : D

  12. Hey man, your tabs look good, but don't pull your strings so hard. It strings are not supposed to make this clanking sound against te wood, but it should sound more warm. Just a tip, I don't mean to offend.

  13. thank you^^

  14. Well done helped me alot!

  15. abdallahdftuygfvbbjyufg gourorestrjfdytfrukkury

    man, you are the best

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