Play A Song On Your First Day – First Beginner Guitar Lesson

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Welcome to your very first guitar lesson! In this beginner video, we’ll get you started by learning some fundamental concepts and techniques. Once you’ve got the hang of the basics, we’ll put it all together and learn how to play a song by Sublime!

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  1. To tune your guitar, check out this lesson:

  2. Bananarama channel

    That forehead tho

  3. Guitar Lessons Room 101

    Very cool maybe you’d like to check out my song

  4. Frederick Mwesigwa

    I cane barley play guitar

  5. Frederick Mwesigwa

    I can't only play twinkle

  6. saveage nate saveag

  7. Eadgbe eddy ate dynamite good bye Eddie.

    The only thing I know about guitar

  8. I got a guitar as a present few months ago and started learning to play if anyone are interested check out it is a very good course

  9. My fingers don’t stretch haven’t trouble


  10. which drump apps use the video?

  11. Love your channel…I've subscribed…can you subscribe back? I need help, my channel is new. Thanks!

  12. alejandra rodriguezperalta

    he is not good becuse you gouns to fast i dont have that gutar to eat

  13. Hannah of the Donut World

    Didn't help at all…

  14. Thanks for the help man. You got yourself one more like and one more sub.

  15. Thank you sm!

  16. Excellent video, as always. Keep up the great work!

  17. I just got a guitar for Christmas I’ll definitely be checking this out… Thanks

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