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Hey fellow Bass Playas and Face Makas! You ever wonder how some bass players play some of those crazy, insanely fast licks and riffs???
Well here’s one for you! Showing you step by step and note by note a quick lick that I created using a very familiar scale (Dorian)! When practicing make sure your notes are coming out clean clear and precise! Also, remember to take it slow and its NEVER TOO LATE TO GROW! Don’t forget to like, subscribe and comment!

***Here’s links to some of the gear used***

Dunlop Bass Strings

Recording Gear:
Gallien Krueger Plex Preamp

Basses Used:
Elrick Basses

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  1. I learned the lesson and groove in only days. ( I do not sound as good as Daric.) I’ve been part of Bass Nation for a week and I have to say he has helped me be a better musician. Keep it funky!

  2. Christian Martinez

    Dope af but put the notes up

  3. Nice Groove Daric
    I got it down

  4. Is this meant to be played in the dorian scale relative to what key we're in? For example if you're in D major, do you play the E dorian scale to stay in key, or is it meant to be played as a D dorian to give the solo a little more flavor?

  5. Would be great if we could see your plucking hand in these videos!

  6. Es el mejor video ,gracias por compartir tus conocimientos

  7. Gratuit gratos bass

    You are the best man

  8. Glad I found you great stuff

  9. very nice one … and same for me like always: works fine at 75 bpm

  10. infectious smile….great lesson btw

  11. Awesome! What equipment and effects are you using?

  12. Pierce Roberts Music

    Whole riff please !??

  13. What was the chord progression of the groove where that lick was placed?

  14. You are high as Hell!! YES!!

  15. Man, like having a personal lesson, explaining your process, so valuable. Thank you

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