Play Nirvana -Pennyroyal Tea (acoustic guitar lesson)

Play Nirvana -Pennyroyal Tea (acoustic guitar lesson)

Play Nirvana -Pennyroyal Tea (acoustic guitar lesson) from In Utero 1993. Step By step easy lesson.

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  1. My favorite song thought by the best teacher. Nirvana for life

  2. Thank you for all your lessons. Your great!!!

  3. Mark R. van de Wall

    thanks again mate

  4. Great lesson John! Zakk Wylde acoustic N. I. B… PLEASE!

  5. Rodríguez González

    Nirvana la mejor banda de los 90 saludos desde Uruguay

  6. GeneratorNoise Heavy_A

    Thanks for this video, it’s really helpful. That riff transition between G and back to A or A minor is like the Leadbelly style from “where did you sleep last night”. Could you make a video of “ain’t a shame” eventually? What about Blur’s “Chinese bomb”? And concerning Radiohead’s “Creep” could you make a video with the arpeggio type picking?
    Thanks and cheers…

  7. Bla Da Ned is communist

    250th like!

  8. sooooo no solo??

  9. Could you do that's entairtainmemt by the jam great video by the way

  10. i love u nd nirvana nd kurt

  11. Can you do sappy including the guitar solo? Cause you are a great teacher! I've searched and there aren't any good tutorials for sappy so I'm hoping you could Make a vid. Thanks! 😀

  12. very good lesson, thanks a lot cheers

  13. Please can you do, janie's got a gun by Aerosmith.

  14. Great lesson. Thank you

  15. are you able to do dead as yesterday by zakk wylde??!?

  16. I'm on warm milk & laxatives, cherry flavoured antacids……

  17. Thank you

  18. Do more songs without chord

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