Playing Delta Blues on Electric (With Band) – Guitar Lesson – EP075

To download the tablature, MP3 jam track (to practice with), and to watch the “Part 2” video for this lesson, visit

In this guitar lesson I’ve taken several old delta blues style licks (Son House, Robert Johnson, etc.) and combined them into an electric blues (Chicago style) played with a full band. This lesson has 2 parts, the first part focuses more on the rhythm, and the second part contains the lead. This is played in the key of E and focuses on the E minor pentatonic scale
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  1. That was great

  2. Sounds like early Clapton. Nice one.

  3. Alexander Pozanenko

    That's enough! I wanna get a premium membership ;-P

  4. So tasty !  I love that sound, thanks Brian et bravo.

  5. Should be called how to play like Eric hahaha sounds great mate

  6. Love the lessons, they are accurate and sound great! 

  7. SUPERB! I can't wait to learn this, this is JUST the style of blues I want to be working on.

  8. Ace , Cheers Brian, Steady…

  9. Ruben Diegelmann (Chimaeira)

    Nice! Sounds very Eric Clapton 

  10. This week's guitar lesson is now live.  Learn how to play a delta blues style on electric guitar #deltablues   #guitarlesson   #bluesguitar  

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