Playing Open Chords on the Electric Guitar – Rock and Roll Style

In this lesson you will learn all about how to play open chords but with that rock and roll style! Great lesson on how to play open chords on the electric guitar so I hope you dig it. For more help with guitar and free resources go to today.

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Thanks for watching this tutorial video on how to play open chords on the electric guitar, the rock and roll style. Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did filming for you guys!

See you in another video soon!

Keep up the practice.



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  2. I'll share this on my Google plus page! FREE, FREE, get it FREE!

  3. Great video man! Just one thing, in the A and F chords do you play the first string or what?

  4. I was wondering if I could make a request on a future video. Princess of the dawn by accept I would love to learn the lead guitar solo in the middle of that song.

  5. Yet another great lesson. Thanks.

  6. This is the best lesson ever!

  7. Nice lesson as allways,I've played these chords like this on my strat, before thanks I live in ct, yes the blizzard did suck didn't it!

  8. Great tips. Thanks. :)

  9. Congratulations my dear friend Andreas for another really nice video. I use a lot Open G tuning in my Stones covers¡¡¡¡Super Big thumbs up¡¡¡¡. Greetings from Spain and have a nice Sunday: Javier

  10. I had a 69 SG in high school,1972ish. 'cept had a whammy bar , same tail piece tho. Got ripped off bout 78, still sick over it

  11. JustThatAwesome777

    So the general idea is to mute the 3rd?

  12. As always, thank you :)

  13. I wish, I really really really wish I would've had you as a guitar teacher when I was 15 instead of starting guitar when I was 30.

  14. No one rocks out with their "socks" out, but I realize this is a family show. ;)

  15. Great tips info and teaching bro!
    Kills me to see you make bar chords like it's 2nd nature, grrrr bar chords 🙁
    Thumbs UP man!~John

  16. great lesson Mr Sage, makes all the difference, Cheers.

  17. Thank you for the lesson, but I don't get what's the point of leaving the 3rd out each time, like that's not the same chord anymore if you do this?

  18. Called I meant instead of cashed dumb auto correct

  19. Hey I like videos they really help, you rock I wonder if you can help with a song cashed Oh , me by Nirvana I can't find nobody what that can help me the other videos are confusing please help me

  20. Pete Townshend plays some interesting open chord variations.

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