Plush Guitar Lesson – Stone Temple Pilots – Acoustic

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Ahh the nineties. The era when grunge came along and created pretty much a total musical revolution.

One particularly great band that was thrown into that grunge category was the Stone Temple Pilots. Their huge hit “Plush” was being played virtually on repeat on the airwaves.

In this Plush guitar lesson I am going to teach you this massive hit note-for-note in it’s entirety.

We actually have some interesting things to tackle in this lesson. There are some interesting chord forms, especially in the intro riff.

We do have a couple of barre chords to contend with including a major 7th chord form you may not be very familiar with. But overall “Plush” is relatively easy to play.

I teach the lesson on an acoustic since there was an almost equally popular aversion of the song they did on acoustic as opposed to the original electric guitar version.

In any case, guitarist Dean Deleo plays everything the same for both versions of the song. Feel free to use any guitar you like to play along with the lesson.

I do mention some rhythmic tips and the end of the video lesson that I think will help you if you have any trouble in that area. In fact, following those rhythmic principles should help you be able to play along with just about any song if you practice it enough.

OK have fun! Carl…
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  1. It sounds like a banjo run the intro

  2. fucken amazing song

  3. Standard tuning or E flat?

  4. Hi! great lesson! could you do a blind melon – soup lesson? PLEASE! 🙂

  5. "And i, FEEEEEL IT"

  6. Pearlgardenbonevanapilotdogpumpkinchains 90's

    I like the camera shots.

  7. Oscar villalobos

    nice video

  8. Rayene Boussetta

    5:00 that chord is hard man I can't transition to it fast

  9. Great lesson! I love the flavor that the e flat major adds. I'm going to try and incorporate that into my stuff.

  10. my mom left me a guitar before she passed.stp is one of my favorites.i managed to tune and restring this thing.but i broke two brand new "skinny e-strings" in process.but this guy got me threw intro and into the 1st verse in three days!!

  11. You are an excellent teacher. You make songs so easy and are clear and concise. Thanks!

  12. +GuitarLessons365Song Could you Mad Season – River of Deceit ?

  13. Hey Carl your'e always my favorite teacher. Can you do the lifehouse take me away. please

  14. Learning Guitar

    love this song! Picked in up in 20 mins thanks to this great lesson 🙂 Thanks buddy!

  15. The Spicy_Weiner

    I'm having an insanely hard time getting the rhythm of the chorus with the dead notes down. great video though.

  16. i finally completed this tutorial! go to my chanel to watch the cover i hope you like it 🙂

  17. Fantastic video, your teaching style helps a lot!

  18. chordsnstrings1

    cool video thanks for posting it i'm a bit slower is there a sit i can look at tabs for this?

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