‘Pop Life’ Prince Acoustic Guitar Lesson


Hey Buddies

I’ve created this Patreon page to help with the production of my guitar tutorial videos. I’m not planning to change what I already do and I will continue to respond to requests regardless of someone being a contributor or not. I have therefore set the patron amount at the lowest level of just for those who wish to show their appreciation and to help with the purchase of strings, picks, music paper, sharpie pens, hard drives and cups of tea.

Thank you

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  1. O fai musica o fai elemosina. Musica puoi farla comunque senza chiedere un centesimo, qui su YouTube. Altrimenti non fare nulla.

  2. Thank you SO much- your biggest fan.

  3. Dude you rock

  4. Recovery soon… wishing well

  5. Nice as always

  6. Thanks for doing these short lessons even though your arm is out. I screwed up my neck/shoulders with the new baby (sleeping in very uncomfortable places) so I feel you on the pain right now man. All the best on your recovery. Take care Jase!

  7. as always, many thanks and get well soon!!!

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