Post Malone “Better Now” Guitar Lesson (Easy Acoustic)

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Hey what’s up you guys Marty here from “MartyMusic” again with another son tutorial. This is a bit unusual for me as it’s a modern tune by Post Malone. It’s always fun to mix things up, hope you have a great one, thanks again for supporting!



  1. Thanks for watching! Also FREE courses at

  2. Nice vid Marty!
    Mr Jones by counting crows next please

  3. Aidan McKinney

    Can you please teach dream police

  4. Hi Marty could you do a lesson for limelight by rush please 🙂

  5. pls do all signs point to lauderdale by A day to remember.

  6. Thank you! Here are a few requests: I Fall Apart by Post Malone would be another good one! Also, You Can Take Your Hat Off by Joe Cocker for a classic. Mine by Bazzi is a very popular song right now and would be a great ladies/love category song.

  7. JoelDavidssonParodies

    Oh no! Not crap music on this channel!

  8. Paul Allegretti

    could you do a lesson on forever man by eric Clapton

  9. Well done!! If I was better I could understand the exact notes of the scale easier, but I'll get it.

  10. Please do a tutorial on You can cry by Marshmellow.

  11. Juggernaut Joe

    I love how you do all kinds of genres! Glad I see someone do both stuff like Posty and Bob Marley. Pretty different in style but both favorites of mine

  12. buttfutter the dank

    Please teach us All I Want by A Day to Remember acoustic version

  13. Love your videos so helpful. Hey would you be able to do keep your head up by Andy Grammer

  14. Kierstene Lumictin

    please teach tonight by FM static pls

  15. Can you do more Metallica

  16. Makain Wiginton

    Marty do you think you could ever do a stylistic type lesson on more of the modern "indie" type arppegio/melodies kinda things? I've been looking for videos about it but it's hard to come by.

  17. Marty could you please do a video on Fly at Night by Chilliwack. It's one of my favourite songs and their just isn't any good tutorials on how to play it.

  18. hahahhahahaha the cover is awesome !!!

  19. Please go in depth on the picking part at the end, please.

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