Post Malone Circles Guitar Lesson (Easy Acoustic)

Come hang out with this easy acoustic guitar lesson for Post Malone’s new banger, Circles!

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  1. Thanks so much for supporting

  2. Hey Marty I want to thank you for all you do! I been learning from your videos since I can remember I appreciate all what you do

  3. strumming pattern?

  4. I wish I was better at guitar. It’s so hard to even do basic stuff like this

  5. Anyone else right away download the album yesterday

  6. Strum pattern/patterns?

  7. Hard times that we live in

  8. whats the strumming pattern? im lost :/

  9. stamming patern plz

  10. Jeepers Mr. Jarvis

    Hey can you do, “Stay” by Post Malone as well?


    Hey marty whats the strumming pattern cause i kinda got it but not all the way

  12. hey Marty could you do the pizza them or possibly spooky scary skeletons or pewdiepie songs maby please

  13. I don t know how to do the rythme

  14. Hey Marty! What about a tutorial of "The Night We Met" by Lord Huron?

  15. Marty, seems your hair is slowly turning white. Finally your look fits to your guitar knowledge! Great achievement. I will subscribe now.
    Nah, really appreciate your videos. You are born for this!

    And almost all of my favorite songs are covered by you brilliantly 🙂
    Thank you very much.

  16. What’s the strumming pattern

  17. Hey Marty could you please possibly tell me the exact strumming pattern for this Ive about got it other than that thanks

  18. I have not played guitar in a few months and then i saw this video. Thanks for reminding me and helping me learn this awesome song!

  19. Ay can you give us a "Feeling Whitney" by Post Malone lesson?

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