Power Chords 1 (Guitar Lesson BC-172) Guitar for beginners Stage 7

This video teaches you how to play Power Chords with a 6th string root note and the correct string muting involved in playing them well!

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  1. choochoochooseyou

    I keep hearing how easy power chords are. I'm struggling more with them than any other lesson so far.

  2. Taught people to barre chords, just to teach them to unbarre it

  3. ChannelUmptyThree

    That way how he just CASUALLY dropped in the opening for one of the most famous songs ever… BOSS teacher! A real Mr Miyagi style of teaching there

  4. Phillip Landmeier

    I knew I should have looked at your lesson on power chords first. Instead I went surfing around YouTube and did find interesting and useful stuff. However, nobody condensed it to the simple core of it like you do in this video. Thank you.

  5. smells like teen spirit (sniffs)

  6. thnx cillian murphy

  7. 7:28 pearl jam 🙂

  8. Smells like teen spirit

  9. If you've made it this far, you've clearly gotten something out of Justin's videos. If so, please consider donating! It took him hours of hard work to put all of these lessons and materials together, and I'm sure even a small donation would be appreciated. Visit https://www.justinguitar.com/donate to show your thanks to our bro Justin!

  10. Do you have any advice for cramps in thumb

  11. You call it an F power chord but my local instructor told me it was a C7…exact same strings and fingering??

  12. Can’t get the D chord right I always have a flat string in most of my chords, vey annoying

  13. I am a visual artist who is recently learning to play with a guitar. Your videos are good because you go slow enough to understand, without making me feel like a fool. respect from new england

  14. You sneaky beaky xD you just taught people Smells Like Teen Spirit xD

  15. Can't do a power chord. My fingers don't bend.

  16. Excellent thanks

  17. do you have a lesson about how to do those nile rodgers power chords?

  18. Bence László Buka

    Who the hell dislike this? One who gave up practicing guitar?

    Justin, you're the best, mate! 🙂

  19. I know power chord for so long, but I don't know how to play it properly. Thanks for your lesson,, now I know that the index finger is also used for muting the strings below the little finger.

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