Power Chords – Beginner Electric Guitar Lesson 3

Power Chords Beginner Electric Guitar Lesson 3

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  2. Can you do a lesson on "one for the razorbacks' by green day. The solo is killing me.

  3. Hello Marty, how do I get your loop pedal? I live in Brazil.

  4. could you do a lesson on this maybe when you get some time?..https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qdsYtkgue14

  5. Lesson request- The guitar solo from “Johnny B” by “The hooters” (:

  6. booty and the beast

    I wanna just say thank you for helping us new players I love how you break it down and make it simple thank you sir

  7. moustachioasfvewhfe3

    How do I get a nice guitar sound like that? I’m using an Ibanez Gio and and Line6 amp. I assume I need to upgrade the gear but is it that simple? Do I need a specific amp, or pedals to alter the sound? I feel like the fact I can’t get a reliable, comfortable sound is keeping me from progressing because I don’t enjoy how it sounds.

  8. Im an e-guitar beginner. I should be practicing chord changes every day for 20 minutes. Like from A major to E major. But I have way more fun doing the things from theese vids and experimenting around with them. Also I practice for more than an hour with this. I guess chord changes have to wait.

  9. A Keeper Of Odd Knowledge

    When I learned that chord shape years ago, it opened up worlds of songs!
    Thanks for sharing, Marty!

  10. Can you do some videos on Rival Sons? Love their heavy guitar sound. Particularly Do You Worst looks like an easy song to learn, I’m having a hard time getting it right.

  11. Alexandros Tsak

    Marty show some Rory Gallagher.

  12. can you please teach us how to play FKJ and MASEGO TADOW (I WILL LEAVE A LINK)https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hC8CH0Z3L54 THIS IS THE SONG please teach us

  13. CrimsonShadow121

    Big thank you Marty! I've been playing e-guitar for 2 months now and your tutorials are helping me a lot! Your style of teaching songs and theory is awesome

  14. You should do enter sandman

  15. Simmon Phoenix

    Marty what if I like using the rounded edge of the pick vs the pointy end. It flows over the strings smoother. Change my style or just go with what works?!?

  16. I've been digging the SG in the latest videos. I don't even mind the inlays. Looks and sounds great.

  17. Amazing Video Marty! Can you please do a beatles revolution tutorial

  18. big pretty mouth by count five pls

  19. Ellyssa Joyce Marin

    Hello Marty! Thanks for being an inspiration! I learned a lot from the guitar because of you 🙂
    Could ypu possibly do a tutorial of "Wind of Change" by Scorpions? Thanks a lot!

  20. Can you a lesson on D-7 by the wipers covered by nirvana at reading

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