Practice routine template for learning scales electric & acoustic guitar lesson learn to solo

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Practice routine template for learning scales electric & acoustic guitar lesson learn to solo


  1. How I first learn the scale base was ABCDEFG and then start on the second fret start on A work your way up to A then the same for b c d e f and g just working from open to the 12 fret I'm not fully ready to say I have mastered this yet however I work on it daily about a hour this helps me to play 7 notes and learn just the basics I figure once I have this down then I can do more pentatonic and mode work and I would like to eventually break out of the box and make it sound more musical.

  2. vishwas poojary k

    sexy!! opened my eyes ! thank you.

  3. so jelly , sounds so good man

  4. when i start playing scale which is in this video on 2:39, on A string my pinkie can't reach to 7th fret while my index and middle fingers are on 3th and 5th fret, more exacly i can reach but it's buzzing bad because my pinkie is not enough closer to 7th fret to not sound bad, GUYS PLEASE HELP ME, what i'm doing wrong?

  5. Best lesson i've ever seen.

  6. What up satch

  7. Whew. Thank you!! Plain, simple and understandable. What makes this better than all the others is combining the step-wise construction of soloing with the appropriate step-wise practice regimen. Well done.


    HI Dave, great lesson. Love it. Have you got any lessons on finger stretching , because after I saw you doing the C major scale with no problem whatsoever, I thought it would be easy. Thanks.

  9. Wow! Just Wow! Thanks master!

  10. awesome lesson .. thank u..

  11. Brent Hutchinson

    Good lesson man. So much better than all the other guys.

  12. what note is playe in high e?

  13. If you're finding that the c maj scale he's using that combines the 1st and 2nd positions is not too practical on an acoustic guitar, maybe try it in the key of F (5 frets up). You could also just change to an easier position but the fingering will be different.

  14. Great job! enjoyed your lessons! I down loaded them and using them on my electric

  15. Excellent! Thanks. But I might title this video how to learn scales and turn them into licks.

  16. so very inspired by this lesson I ordered the Blues Jam Tracks CD and Manual….

  17. some of these scales are quite a stretch when your little pinkie is abnormally short as mine seems to be. any suggestions for people with a small baby finger? I see some guitarist on youtube with fingers like ET! Not always so easy for people with shorter fingers.

  18. wow, if I was gonna sign up and pay for lessons….it would be from him, he's concise and direct, very informative, very creative…….exactly what I've been looking for.

  19. Great tutorial brother! Thanks so much! You are a great teacher and you have helped me understand the guitar a lot clearer!

  20. As soon as i played the 1,3,5,7 i was like Woah, oh, oh
    For the longest time lol

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