Practice Techniques For Electric (Guitar Lesson)

Practice Techniques For Electric (Guitar Lesson)

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  1. great lesson , thank you

  2. Okay, I will do these exercise, every single day! Thanks a lot!

  3. I am very glad I stumbled upon your videos. I have been playing guitar since I was about 10 years old but always played by ear. I am now 34 and kind of picked up the guitar again at about 25. I didn't play much from the time I was 17 up until then. I now am taking a step back in order to move forward and the way you teach is awesome. Hoping to see more. The couple vids I have seen so far are great! Thanks for doing this.

  4. Very goood lessons on your channel! I'm not understand why there are so few view… Carry on! Your Russian subscriber =)

  5. i love your guitar *.*

  6. eightyeightsandaces

    Thanks, these will be useful.

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