PRINCE Purple Rain EASY STRUM ACOUSTIC Guitar Lesson Tutorial EricBlackmonMusicHD YouTube

How To Play Purple Rain On Guitar With And Without Capo!
Purple Rain Chord TABS
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  1. Richard Sørensen

    thanks for the lesson Eric!
    i have a question about the rhythm you write the it ( d du u ud )
    if i try to count it i get a problem i hope you can help me
    if i count the rhythm in 1/8
    (d du 3 u 4u d) then i got 5 beat in one measure so my question is how should i count this rhythm
    thanks in advance Richard

  2. memyself4ever1

    Can you teach Prince's song "Controversy"? Thanks sir.

  3. great lesson thanks

  4. Itwasallwonderfulnot

    as always, great, accessible tutorials, which allow me to play some of my favorite songs! Thanks you so much

  5. Nice version…I'm giving it a try…
    5 Stars!

  6. Daniel Jackson

    Wow, this channel is gold mine, subscribed!

  7. it sounds so Nice, bet this Mart is original right?

  8. Thanks so much.

  9. Don't Feed the Trolls

    love your videos! You were recommended from a Les Paul forum on Facebook. Really glad you were recommended, good videos super easy to follow for someone like me I appreciate it.

  10. u the man eric

  11. Derek Jennings

    Excellent as always Eric, thank you. BTW, is the original key in A? Thanks

  12. excellent. thank you.

  13. Cliff Images (Cliffimages)

    Eric, as usual you do an excellent job in your methods of teaching!!! You came at the right time!!!! Thanks

  14. thanks eric. cool

  15. never cared for Prince myself , but others do….glad you give them some help with it.

  16. Great lesson Eric. Thanks for sharing!

  17. Kimberly Ballard

    Eric, thank you so much for this blessing today. My most beloved performer is Prince. I loved him years and years. Always dreamed of recording in Paisley Park. Now I can play this on my acoustic guitar thanks to you. It means a lot…through tears…I love this post today!

  18. rockenrollbass

    Oh yea!

  19. good ^_^

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