Prince – Purple Rain Guitar Lesson Tutorial EASY CHORDS

Prince - Purple Rain Guitar Lesson Tutorial EASY CHORDS


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Chords 0:40
Easy Strumming 02:22
Full Strumming 03:00
Without Capo 03:45
Verse Chords 04:42
Chorus 06:00
Playalong 07:55
Harder Playalong 09:26

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  1. What about the ohh ooo ooo?

  2. Chord sheet site not working,

  3. I hope the Ghost of prince haunts you in the night… Surly you know this isn’t correct?

  4. I am lazy. I play a Cadd9 instead of C.

  5. Was following really well until the switch from D to G mid-pattern, you arent being clear where to start and finish in the pattern. VERY FRUSTRATING

  6. Hi, it is real fun learning playing guitar with your help. My target is to play all acoustic guitar songs from Nickelback someday. Can you teach us these songs as well? Would be really great!

  7. Sexy mf has to be my favorite. Feel amazing while waking up jamming to that somg

  8. Hey Andy, wouldn't the C add 9 be easier to throw in replace of C

  9. me encanta como explica todas las canciones

  10. Always good learning from you. Much appreciated these videos. Legend

  11. NYET ! peace

  12. Hello, Andy,
    many thanks for your great channel!
    Where exactly can we find the chord sheet, please?

  13. I’m just curious on why there are so many other videos showing completely different chords to play this song? I’m new to learning guitar and chords and was curious on why? Thank You!

  14. Andy, seriously man. I love your channel and you do amazing videos. Sadly this isn't one of those videos though, the original version is only like 4 or so chords anyway and teaching a simplified version to this extent helps no-one when it only sounds vaguely like it should. Prince was an amazing guitarist but his particular genius was in the subtlety not in the complexity and It's not that hard to learn with the proper chords. I do understand why you 'dumbed it down' of course but still this is a stretch for me and it pains me to point it out. Sincerely keep going as you are though man, you help a lot of people. Just not this time for me unfortunately

  15. Andy you are the MAN !
    Thanks for all your hard work.

  16. Oliisawesome right now

    Wonderful tribute, Andy 🙂

  17. boys and girls is my favorite

  18. thanx alot kaka from tanzania asante sana

  19. Really good lesson Andy. Thank you. You explain everything so well and clearly. i always turn to your brilliant tutoring videos when i need to learn a particular song that i want to learn and that you have covered. Thanks again!

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