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Here’s a lesson on How to play the famous Intro and rhythm parts of the “Purple Rain” by Prince. Ballad like song is pretty easy but has lots of feeling in it and very nice chords.
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  1. Wow you have the potential to be the Best Guitar Teacher & Teaching Method on the Internet. I have used some previous similar sites such as Guitar Tricks and seen Jamplay etc. In my opinion this is the best. The lessons are clear. Your website offers fantastic opportunities to learn most of the songs, styles and techniques of the players that I am most interested in ( Gary Moore, Jimi Hendrix and SRV). You teach in a very precise and easy to understand way. Full Respect Man!

  2. I really appreciate it man, I'm just getting started and this jam is the reason I bought my chorus pedal (along with Rush tunes)

  3. Jeffrey Schnoldt

    Great lesson

  4. Wish you would’ve said what fingers are placed on what string and what fret. Instead of saying the chords being for example g7 suspended or whatever

  5. Best purple rain lesson on YouTube. Thanks for doing this!

  6. I hate Barre chords

  7. If you want to play this … well. There isn't an 'easy chord ' version.

  8. Excellent lesson!

  9. Thanks brother!

  10. tks for the class

  11. thank for showing this video…my hands get tired after da 4th main chord stretching it

  12. I cant do the first chord :s
    i have small ass asian fingers

  13. wilfried zeeuwen

    Thanks. You"ve explained is very good. I will have lot's of fun with this song on my guitar.

  14. Jürgen Garkisch

    very good explained! Tank you!

  15. Darshan DASH Maniram

    Thanks Alex!! You rock!! Please do Cult by slayer( love that song!!) in the next lesson Thanks. Great video!!

  16. Nice tutorial. Nice les Paul.

  17. Thanx, man ! It sounds a little bit flat and insipid at home, without effects, but what a great song… Thx again

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