Prince – Purple Rain | simple acoustic guitar lesson

Prince – Purple Rain simple acoustic guitar lesson
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This video is designed for guitar beginners or those with only limited guitar knowledge. It uses simple chord shapes as much as possible and does not represent the way in which the song was originally played. It is designed as a practice tool to supplement your other learning methods. Information is provided on screen for both right and left-handed players!

I’ve simplified the chords used in Purple Rain by putting a capo on fret 1. This makes the song very easy to play, and the slow tempo gives you plenty of time to think about chord changes. The most unusual chord is the F#m11, just make sure you curve your fingers enough to allow the high E and B strings to ring open. I am playing that chord with my thumb also hitting the F# note at fret 2 on the bottom E string, but this is totally optional.

If you want to know the actual names of the chords, or to play the song without a capo then:
Asus2 is really Bbsus2
F#m11 is really Gm11
E is really F
Dsus2 is really Ebsus2


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  1. Livingroom Busker

    i love the sound of that F#m 11 chord, big thanks for showing me that!!

  2. just one thing….it's E and E7 and A

  3. why would you not like this?

  4. Thanks for the guitar lesson, searched a lot of tutorials and this is the best one that I've come across, don't know why I didn't try to learn this song before. R.I.P. Prince.

  5. Thank you for this! I have been trying to teach myself how to play left handed for years and you made it sinple and easy- and on a great song 😀 RIP prince!

  6. he died three day after this

  7. Excellent job!

  8. Alexandre Leitao

    hey… can i have that drum track please?

  9. BethWilliamsMusic

    Wanted to learn this…you've made it so easy. Thanks!

  10. Vernon Robinson

    this was the only decent track he did.

  11. Christopher Cahall


  12. How did you know!

  13. Such a beautiful progression. really inspired by some of those chord changes. Thank you for sharing

  14. This is one of my favourite tracks. Thanks for sharing.

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