Promises (Eric Clapton) Acoustic guitar lesson / cover with Chords

Promises  (Eric Clapton) Acoustic guitar lesson / cover with Chords

Acoustic cover version / tutorial on how to play Promises by Eric Clapton. Chords and Lyrics embeded
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  2. love this ~ thank you!

  3. It sounds like you need a Bmin where your playing the G during the la la la section.

  4. A beautiful song and a great rendition.  Cool that you did a great song that's not overplayed.


    Two years later and I'm back listening again. Still as impressed as I was the fist time. Well done sir.

  6. great job!

  7. I saw this video a couple of years ago and became really excited. Actually, started taking guitar lessons. This is one of my favorite Clapton songs. I'm still in early beginners stage. But what is the strumming pattern you are using?

  8. "you" cause a commotion. not "the" just sayin' also "we made a vow" not even in doubt

  9. Cool easy lesson to follow thanks so much for sharing bro. Aaron from Australia

  10. t/y awesome song

  11. Awesome,Thx!

  12. Geronimo Pallacio

    First of all, let me thank you for your generosity. Everybody is always trying to sell something, I even hesitated to search for a Promises lesson. You have made me happy. The lesson is easy guitar which I appreciate, (I am more a guitar collector and fan than a musician). I will definitely practice your version. Sincerely GOD BLESS YOU.

  13. Chords sound right but the strumming pattern sounds off. Faster strumming pattern and replace the muting with upstrokes sounds about right to me(keep that strumming hand moving). Lesson was very useful though and I like your interpretation. It definitely works!

  14. Thanks !!

  15. Anthony ToTo O'Rourke

    Good sound, and well played. When I play that song I play C, Am, and D when I come to the LA LA, part of the song, but the G sound fine. I think it's open to interpretation.

  16. fack u

  17. Thanks Bill. Great job!

  18. very nice man. 
    I never played the F#.I will now

  19. Steve Collinson

    Nice arrangement but pleeeeeease get the lyrics right!

  20. Heard this on the radio; used a song id app to find out it was this song, by Eric Clapton.It also has a YouTube link button; yours was the second video after Erics, and I think I like yours best! So, if you could just do Ray Prices 'I'll be there (if you ever want me…)' I'd be eternally grateful!   ;-D

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