Pull Off Technique For Bass Guitar

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In this lesson I follow up on the topic of hammerons with the topic of Pulloffs. Pulloffs are a little tougher to play than Hammer Ons because of the subtle slipping off the string we need to employ and it takes more control.

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  1. Are you playing the "Layla" riff?

  2. Hi! Is there difference between 'lift off' and 'pull off'?? Thanks P

  3. Thank you man! You explained it the best!

  4. Just one problem. When I pull off, my finger rests on the next string as I hit the fretboard as u mentioned. However, it also touches the next string and causes 2 notes to ring.. Any tips?

  5. Can't thank you enough for this video! No other video on youtube explains with such depth and clarity! Love you man!

  6. Get that apostrophy sign out the title of the video before the internet hate hits you…
    Or leave it in so more people click it in order to point the mistake out, if that's your strategy 😉

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