Pure Prairie League – Amie – Intro Solo- Major Lead Guitar Lesson

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Learn the intro guitar solo to “Amie” by Pure Prairie League. In this acoustic lead guitar lesson, I break down the intro solo to the 1973 classic “Amie”, as we discover the scales and techniques common to major guitar soloing! Let’s get started!
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  1. I cant find the tab for this lesson. Went through entire patreon page and it wasnt there

  2. 12:12 The last hardest lick for practice

  3. Rob, you are a great teacher and the nicest guy on YouTube. I'm learning this song for my girl, her name is Amie.

  4. Well that was the most enjoyable tutorial yet. Thank you from a beginner struggling with scales and solos!!!

  5. Thanks that was clearly explained and demonstrated. I've always wanted to learn this song. This lesson will keep me busy for a while. I did a quick search of your other videos for a lesson of the solo in the middle of the song but didn't come across it. Do you provide a lesson of this solo? Thanks again!

  6. Thanks Rob, great lesson and explanation of the A major patterns.

  7. I have been playng for 50 year's. I wad have a teachr like you. I had to learn on my own. Danny

  8. I think he goes up to A 3rd position-which is a D on the 7th fret-and then flicks the 12th string on E and B, then runs back down towards the first. It is easier to stay in the 2nd, but that's the way I play it.

  9. Thanks !! You showed me what i needed on 15 seconds.

  10. Excellent overall lesson. One of my favorite songs.

  11. Thank you so much . Like others have stated clear , and easy to follow . Thanks again for your time and great effort . Two thumbs up .

  12. came here to learn amie. Not these scales

  13. Dude you're amazing I've been teaching myself guitar for almost 4 years and never learned the scales just the chords bc I was annoyed by most videos. They were either going to fast or not giving enough info. For some reason your video just clicked with me. Thank u so much! I'm looking forward to learning this song to impress my dad. It's one of his favorites!

  14. Working on it – and I'm really into learning these longer solos after avoiding them for so long – hope to see more like this. Have you posting anything similar?

  15. Tan Sokunpheakdey

    I appreciated, you are a good teacher to teach guitar easy to understand….

  16. hey there, i love your channel man, hiw long have you been growing your hair back in this time

  17. love your attitude —  nice job man

  18. this is a brilliant song and youve done a brill job teaching it ,thanks

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