‘Purple Haze’ Guitar Lesson – Hendrix How to play on Electric guitar

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‘Purple Haze’ Guitar Lesson – Hendrix How to play on Electric guitar


  1. The solo

  2. love your videos marty! it just sometimes takes waaay too long to get through with the redundancy of repeating the phrases so many times. im definitely not being buttholish in saying that.

  3. What kind of drive pedal do u use

  4. Thanks Marty! You rock!

  5. Check out this video on YouTube:

  6. Awesome!

  7. Very good video. I always look here before anywhere else for these songs.

  8. Hey Marty, um I'm a beginner, how do you get the guitar to have that unclear sound, sort of grunge like?

  9. tabs ??

  10. Teach us the rest please, I want to be able to play like you do at the end of the lesson.

  11. Hendrix used those curly cords to take some bite out of the single coils on his Strat, they suck some tone, because they are longer than a straight cord.

  12. Haha, I have a dangly phone chord too!

  13. Hi Marty please could you make a lesson on how to play Look On by John. Frusciante

  14. i figured id ask again mainly b/c im thinking about it & ill forget if i dont do it now could you make a video teaching "far from home" by 5 finger death punch

  15. broke it down really well, you should do the rest of the song :)

  16. this song, is in my brain, excuse me while i kiss the sky

  17. I'd really like to learn the rest of this one if you could do that!

  18. I always get problems learning stuff like this because of shitty vibrato :(.

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