Queen Another One Bites The Dust Guitar Lesson

If you watch this guitar lesson, you definitely will NOT bite the dust when you’re rocking out this jam. Learn Brian May’s classic tune!

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  2. Brin May is shook

  3. You are a brilliant teacher, I'm learning so much and your vibe is energising and up beat. Thank you. Im having a blast.

  4. 0:39 ORILEYYYYY

  5. Different world – Vandenberg please

  6. I would love to see you break down either bleed by meshuggah or demigod by behemoth next.

  7. Why does your B A S S have 6 strings? Weird.


  8. Tip:
    Try playing the 1st part like a Bass aka use a finger to pluck low E from the bottom side.

  9. "Play along with me, if you can. " Jack Black in School of Rock

  10. cries in acoustic guitar

  11. XstreamerZ Mcgregor

    Nice i love this song . Thank you.

  12. Jewish privilege.. Being successful without talent…

  13. I played this and time rewinded to the beginning of the day 11/10

  14. Love your tutorials

  15. It’s actually John Deacon’s classic tune

  16. Why is the song keeps rewinding?

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