Queen – Crazy Little Thing Called Love – Easy Beginner Songs on Acoustic Guitar Lesson

Queen - Crazy Little Thing Called Love - Easy Beginner Songs on Acoustic Guitar Lesson

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  1. I'm really into your video and learn and then you joked "hey I'm just shook my hand" and that moment I die

  2. nice guy, nice teaching, good fun!

  3. Awesome gutitar person

  4. please do some cross Canadian ragweed songs

  5. Super Natural English

    too much talking too little playing and no picture chords to view the chords quickly and effectively. Sorry didn't like your teaching…

  6. My baby didn't scare me, but that little nome trick at the beginning did.

  7. thank you so much this video help me a whole lot

  8. Erm..there is actually an F chord in the bridge. G G C G
    Bb Bb E A F etc

  9. russell spurrell

    Hey Marty- How about a lesson on Cinamon Girl in dropped D tuning??  Thanks Russell

  10. Charlie Williams

    Just found your lesson sight I think it is great

  11. Silverland Kayak

    Great job thank you!

  12. Hey Marty! I pretty much a newbie.  Have you ever made a guitar lesson video of the song "Can't get you off my mind"- Lenny Kravitz? Thanks!

  13. Chelsea Saldanha

    that was amazing! thanks a bunch!

  14. Marty u kick ass.Just starting out and pretty tough but watchin u really helpin me out.Startin to sound like something.Watched others but find u the best.THX

  15. Your lessons have make me so good at guitar! Now j can play proud mary. have you ever seen the rain. suzie q and bad moon rising and lots of more songs! Thanks Marty:)!

  16. Hey Marty. Love your lessons. Any chance you can post Youngbloods, Get Together guitar lesson?

  17. you are such a good instructor! thanks!

  18. i like yours videos !
    tnx for share !
    hugs from brazil

  19. Hey I'm learning how to play a guitar and can you give me some books I have ADHD and easy don't come to me

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