Queen – Innuendo – Guitar Lesson (Guitar Tab)

Queen – Innuendo – Guitar Lesson (Guitar Tab)
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GUITAR TAB NOTES: http://queen-corner.blogspot.co.uk/2017/11/queen-innuendo-guitar-lesson-guitar-tab.html

Big Thanks to Tonebridge Guitar App for their Innuendo Guitar Pedal

In this guitar lesson video we look at the title track from the 1991 Queen album Innuendo.
I’ve also included the acoustic guitar parts although played on an electric guitar.

Queen Innuendo Guitar Tab
James Rundle
How To Play Queen Innuendo Guitar Lesson
Queen Innuendo Songbook
Queen Innuendo Band Score Book
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  1. Bernardo Manata Guerra

    Main riff, solo 18:00

  2. Armaan Choudhury

    He has a red special

  3. thank you! nice lesson!

  4. you want money for this. lol.

  5. I just realized you're holding a replica of the Red Special with Brian's autograph on it. I'm dead….

  6. Great lesson James thank you for that!

  7. 99041304 Davinci



  9. I'm revisiting your channel, and I must say the quality of your newer videos is really superb. Well done, and please keep up the fantastic work.

  10. Mr James thank a lot is one of the best videos channels guitar lessons ever

  11. Thank you my mentor!

  12. Felipe Pereira Lima

    Please make lesson of Get Down Make Love, Kind Of Magic Rock In Rio and Whataya From Me !!!

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