Queen – Keep Yourself Alive Guitar Lesson

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Queen “Keep Yourself Alive” guitar lesson. The next Riff of the Day uses the Fender Humboldt Hot Rod combo for pure EL-84 drive and a Mr. Black Tunnelworm for the essential tape flange tone in this tune. Brian May’s carefully orchestrated overdubs actually employ tape flanging from the studio and phase shifting, so we’ve set the Tunnelworm to not cancel out the signal entirely which in turn provides a sound that is on the border of phase and flange. The chugging rhythm is very important to this song as is the double stop bends where the G is taken up a whole step while the B thankfully go half a step to stay in key. The chorus is a simple D,G,D,A progression followed by a classic Brian May arpeggio in A. Enjoy your Riff of the Day guitar lesson!
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  1. Thanks buddy!

  2. マジレスマン

    Please…give me japanese version…

  3. am I the only one who sang at the beginning?

  4. click this link each week = click like ? make a comment ? . By what day and time ? Great lesson , thanks .

  5. nice to see the real deal once in a while. thx.

  6. Not really… It kinda sounds like you learned the song in a minute and just don't even like the song

  7. Ricardo Castro Fuentes

    Am I the only one here who thinks Andy sounds like the radio guy on Burnout Paradise?

  8. This is an awesome lesson and play along, thanks!

  9. awesome job. thank you I'm learning

  10. Yeah, but I don't have time to build a guitar from scratch with my dad. Well, I do, but he told me to get gawdam job.

  11. Had Catalinbread not discontinued it, I would have immediately thought that the Galileo would be the go to Queen pedal.

  12. Fernando David Icke


  13. Fernando David Icke


  14. QUEEN!

  15. Rafael Demboscki

    This guitar is fu* awesome! The most beautiful strat I ever seen, and I can't find it anywere! =/

  16. Any chance Andy could do a Frank Zappa riff of the day?

  17. Love it! One of my favorite albums from my Freshman HS year. Took me a while to figure out how to play it, this would have made it a lot easier.

  18. Yes!! More Queen please!

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