QUEEN One Vision EASY Guitar Lesson Tutorial – All Rhythm Parts

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  1. hardzelloisyellow

    a song about fried chicken

  2. Teach in the lap of the gods

  3. Nice

  4. I honestly thought this riff but thanks to this video it’s so much easier

  5. I had the chance to meet the guys in person when I sold my house to Roger because I had a little studio in the basement. This was right at the beginning before they shot to fame. We were celebrating the sale in a trendy restaurant in Fulham Rd and got invited with backstage passes to Night at the Opera and other gigs. I also visited Roger on a house boat in Little Venice before he moved to my house. Lot's of great memories and hot stories which I can't really tell. Great guys

  6. Saw Queen on the Magic Tour at Wembley '86 (?) still the best gig experience so far

  7. I saw we will rock you in March and it was awesome

  8. Now I’m here please

  9. Bro, you are awesome for helping us out with this song… Thank you for your time and resources to help us….I appreciate you bro

  10. Can you please do flash by queen

  11. Can you do hammer to fall

  12. FIre and Ice by pat benetar

  13. Do radio ga ga

  14. Saw them on the radio ga ga tour. How about a video of 39 ?

  15. love it! (hammer tofall

  16. Hi Andy
    How about an acoustic version of love of my life ? Amazing queen song

  17. Gorgeous guitar

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