Queen – Radio Ga Ga Guitar Lesson

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In this Radio Ga Ga guitar lesson video, I will show you how to play this classic Queen song on the guitar.

The tuning is standard tuning.

A lot of “Radio Ga Ga” is synth based, but even with those little synth riffs and chords, you can approximate them on the guitar pretty well.

Brain May uses some interesting chord voicings throughout the song. He also has a pretty peculiar way that he performs a lot of those chords which probably won’t be possible for the average person to play. I will show you how he plays those chords, but will also demonstrate how to play the same notes with a bit of an easier fingering.

The chords I am using are mostly based off of the Live Aid version of the song, where Brain May uses a big guitar tone throughout instead of having the synth chords carry the song.

I will add a bit to his guitar parts as well, in a couple of parts that I think the keyboards are doing a cool chord but Brian May just plays the bass note of the chord. I will demonstrate both so you can decide which one you prefer.

I hope you guys enjoy learning yet another incredible song from the incomparable Queen! #radiogagaguitarlesson #queen #guitarcovers
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  1. Okay the lesson was amazing but I had no idea you could sing so well!! Incredible

  2. Phantom of the opera by Maiden or peace sells by megadeth?

  3. Can you do razors edge by acdc

  4. Hard to sing along with the god king Freddie. One of the best voices ever.

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  6. Please give me a guitar

  7. You should teach burnin for you – blue oyster cult

  8. Hey Carl, long time subscriber but still a beginner as a guitar player, you helped a lot during those 2 years since I started, thank you for that… and I have a request, can you please teach "party like tomorrow is the end of the world" from Steel Panther? Thank you!

  9. Incredibly difficult song to play. Top job.

  10. Great tutorial! Could you do 'No Milk Today' tutorial by Graham Goldman please

  11. Pls do I want to break free or bicycle race

  12. Duuuuude wheres fight fire with fire 🙁

  13. When will you give Lucretia

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  16. Flick of the wrist or tenement funster please

  17. Maybe I should cover my computer microphone…I swear this stuff hears what I'm singing and suggests related videos.

  18. Thank you, Carl! So glad you covered the Live Aid version of this.
    I was wondering if you might take a look at ”Peg, ” by Steely Dan. It has some tricky chords and a very unusual solo.

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